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Product: Publication
Year: 1970

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Things you should know about Bermuda

Climate: It’s never too hot or too cold in Bermuda. In August the maximum temperature is 85 F.; in February, the coolest month, it rarely falls below 60’F.

Currency: Bermuda has its own currency valued the same as the British pound. English bank notes, Canadian and American dollars are also legal tender. Bermuda pounds are valued at approximately $2.65 Canadian and $2.40 U.S. Bermuda changed its currency to the decimal system in March 1970.

Customs: Canadian residents may take home $25.00 worth of purchases, duty-free, if they have been in Bermuda 48 hours and have not had such exemption within the last three months, $100.00 worth duty-free annually when out of the country 12 days.

Documents required: Visas or vaccination certificates not required by Canadian or U.S. visitors. Canadian citizens should carry passports or birth certificates for re-entry to Canada. Citizens of other countries should check with their travel agents or Air Canada. Leaving, you pay one pound Departure Tax.

Banking: Banks open 9.30 a.m.-3 p.m. 9.30 a.m.- 12 noon on Saturday.

Electric current: 110 volts 60 cycle A.C.

Liquor: Licensing restrictions 10 a.m. to 1 a.m. in hotels. Extensions to 3 a.m. can be applied for; most hotels hold licences to serve liquor 10 a.m. to midnight on Sundays.

Accommodation: Large resorts provide lavish accommodation. Bermuda abounds in guest houses and housekeeping cottages with maid service.

What to wear: From April to mid-November summer sports wear. From mid-November to late March sports clothes, fall-weight clothing and weather-proof coats. Ladies wear dresses or skirts in hotels after 6 p.m.; men, jackets and ties in better restaurants. Short shorts or abbreviated sun dresses not desirable for street wear.

Transportation: No car rental service, but taxis, carriages, and motorized bicycles can be hired.

Note: Currency rates, etc., correct at time of printing.

Club Calypso service

Dreaming of an escape to an island paradise? Your local Travel Agent can make it a reality in Bermuda by Air Canada’s fabulous Club Calypso service. On board, you’ll relax in a carefree atmosphere and enjoy island-flavoured cuisine. Ask about Air Canada’s 21-day Economy Excursion Fare and convenient ‘Fly-Now-Pay Later’ plan, just ten per cent down, up to 24 months to pay.

Bermuda… a handful of emeralds cast on the Atlantic Ocean

A necklace of tiny islands rimmed with soft pink coral beaches where the sounds and smell of the sea are ever present. Bermuda is another world, leisurely in tempo and ever changing in mood, gracious in manner…just short hours away from your doorstep by Air Canada Jet. The oldest self-governing British colony… picture-postcard-serene… white-roofed houses with pastel washed walls… policemen in ‘Bobbies’ helmets and Bermuda shorts.

This angler’s paradise has 600 varieties of fish. You can stalk the elusive bonefish like land game or troll for the fighting wahoo offshore, it’s a sportsman’s dream. Seven challenging golf courses, and tennis courts where Davis Cuppers play.

Bermuda, barely 21 miles long, has all its excitement close at hand…you can vary your holiday in a twinkling … travel by zippy motor scooter down lanes fragrant with hibiscus, oleander and frangipani… take a taxi with a surrey-like fringe on top to Ely’s Harbour and Somerset Bridge, the world’s smallest drawbridge… settle back in a romantic, horse-drawn carriage on the way to centuries-old Fort St. Catherine… shop for excellent savings in tweeds, cashmere and Shetland sweaters, English leather goods, china, silver, perfumes and cameras… or stroll through deep, dark cooling caves.

Have a picnic in tree-fringed Mangrove Bay… lie in the sand and have a love affair with the sun… skim under full sail before a freshening breeze… stroll through 17th century St. George… climb to the top of Gibb’s Hill lighthouse for a breathtaking view of the islands spread beneath your feet… walk on the ocean’s floor and look a sea horse in the eye at Devil’s Hole or explore the underwater mysteries through a glass-bottomed boat. Bermuda is lavish in sun-drenched days and star-filled nights… fine inns and taverns… exotic seafood… lyrical native bands that charm away your cares… lush semi-tropical gardens and cooling surf… shops with luxuries at bargain prices.


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