Organization: Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition
Product: Publication
Year: 1967

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What is LOGEXPO?

LOGEXPO is the official housing bureau established by the Canadian Corporation for the 1967 World Exhibition. LOGEXPO is a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of insuring the best possible reservation service for all visitors to Expo 67.

Services provided by LOGEXPO to visitors will be completely free. This bureau is strictly a liaison between visitors and lodging establishments and other accommodation facilities such as camping grounds, institutions, etc. By a special act of the Province of Quebec Government, LOGEXPO becomes the only official lodging bureau for the 1967 World Exhibition and controls in fact, the non-commercial establishments both for quality and rates.

How can LOGEXPO serve us?

We have made a complete inventory of all available accommodation facilities in and around Montreal such as commercial (hotels and motels) and non-commercial (institutions, colleges, apartment buildings). We have established a central reservation service which will cater to all needs pertaining to lodging of individuals or groups.

What are the types of accommodation?

Commercial Section:

a) hotels
b) motels
c) Tourist homes
d) camping: tenting sites, trailer sites

Non-commercial section:

a) Apartment buildings (bachelors and others)
b) Institutions (universities, colleges, etc.)
c) Private homes – De Luxe, Very Comfortable, Moderate

We have now available a lodging guide giving 1966 hotel rates.

The Department of Tourism, Fish & Game of the Province of Quebec will publish the Official 1967 Housing-Guide with the 1967 rates; This guide will be available from July 1966.

How does one make reservation?

We recommend that you make your reservations as early as possible, through your local travel agent or with the hotel of your choice in order to avoid a last-minute rush. If unsuccessful in securing the desired accommodation, LOGEXPO will gladly assist you by accepting your request by mail prior to the opening of Expo and after, through our information service by telephone, Expovox, or at our information booths located on the site and at other strategic points in and around Montreal and the Province. By return mail, this establishment will confirm your reservation and will explain his policy regarding the deposit in order to guarantee your reservation.

How about travel agents?

The existence of LOGEXP0 does not deprive travel agents of the privilege of doing business with the hotels of their choice in the usual manner accustomed to. The services of our bureau could be used at all times especially when the agent will have received negative replies from the hotels. LOGEXPO, being strictly a liaison agent, cannot promise that the commission customarily paid to travel agents will be paid by all establishments with which we will deal. This question should be settled between the travel agent and the establishment concerned.

What are the lodging regulations?

The Department of Tourism, Fish & Game of the Province of Quebec has passed new regulations concerning hotel operation which will be in effect as of 1966. It is mentioned that “the disclosed price must be legibly posted in each room”. Furthermore, it is mentioned that “it is forbidden to exact or accept a price higher than that which has been disclosed, posted or is otherwise in force following the present regulations. A special regulation for 1967 requests that all holders of hotels and Tourist Homes licences, declare on June 1st, 1966, the rates that will be in force for each room from May 1st, 1967.

P.S. For further information write to LOGEXPO – Expo W Horbour City-Montreal, or call EXPOVOX TEL: S14) 297-427.


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