Organization: Trans-Canada Air Lines
Product: Brochure
Year: 1955

Product copy

Rent a car in Canada

Fly Trans-Canada Air Lines… at destination Rent-a-Car from Tilden Coast to Coast in Canada

Use the auto plan

Fly TCA, then Rent-A-Car from Tilden, Canada’s largest Rent-A-Car system

Tilden will meet you at airports… Anywhere 

Don’t drive long distances – just to have a car at your destination, use the Plane-Auto Plan. Avoid road hazards and physical strain, FLY in relaxed comfort-then rent a car from TILDEN. Tilden is EVERYWHERE in Canada, from St. John’s, Newfoundland to Victoria, British Columbia. 

Tilden will reserve a car for you… Anywhere 

Be sure of a car when you need it by making an advance reservation. Any TILDEN Station will reserve a car for you anywhere in the world- or make your own reservations by letter, telegram or telephone. Use the Plane-Auto Plan, any Airline Ticket Office or Travel Agent will reserve a Tilden car for you, when you purchase your ticket. 

Tilden service is Canada’s… Best 

Always insist on Tilden and get dependable service from coast-to-coast in Canada. Low TILDEN rates include FREE GAS and INSURANCE covering Public Liability, Property Damage, Fire and Theft.

Tilden rates are low and… Economical 

Although rates vary somewhat throughout the Tilden System, you’ll find that all Tilden rates are low. The average cost of renting a car, for a business day, is about $7.00. This includes ALL GAS, OIL and INSURANCE described above.

Tilden rents by the hour, day or week 

You can rent a car from Tilden for any period of time, and drive it anywhere-for business or pleasure. When you rent a car for business you make more calls per day, and are ready to FLY home or to your next stop in less time, When you travel for pleasure you see more, and are more comfortable in a car from Tilden.

See Tilden…

When you take the family to distant points-FLY, then rent a car from Tilden. It’s easy, it’s convenient to have a car wherever you go, and the low Tilden rates include gas and insurance.

See Tilden…

When you need a car for business. Thousands of businessmen FLY to destination, then rent a car from Tilden to make more calls, cover more territory. It pays to use Tilden cars in business.

See Tilden…

When you need a car for local driving when your own car isn’t available … for a glorious vacation, or for a fun-filled family outing. Remember 5 or 6 can ride for the price of one.

What about…

New cars – All Tilden cars are late models, clean inside and out, and in tip-top condition.

Low cost – Tilden rates are low. Five can travel for the same low cost as one.

Small deposits – Tilden asks only a small cash deposit, – little more than will cover the estimated cost of your trip. Any unused portion is refunded.

Gas and oil – Most TILDEN Stations include ALL gas and oil in their low rates. If you buy gas on the road, keep the receipts and Tilden will give you a cash refund when you return. In some parts of Canada this is not practical in these sections a rate adjustment is made.

Insurance – Tilden provides you with public liability, property damage, fire and theft insurance. Collision protection is available if desired.

No red tape – Tilden will ask you to properly identify yourself and show your driver’s license. The current driver’s permit of your home province, state or country is acceptable.

Reservations – Any Tilden station will be glad to make a reservation for you in advance. Telephone, wire or write, or make arrangements through your local Tilden station. Preference is given to out-of-town customers.

Special problems – Your nearest Tilden station will be glad to help you- Send them your plans and they’ll send you complete information and cost estimates for your proposed trip.


The physical version of this product is part of the federal identity archive.