Organization: Trans-Canada Air Lines
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1956

Product copy

How to arrive at the Savoy in a very good temper

Elementary! Just go to your Travel Agent or TCA Office and say “London-TCA First Class”. This simple procedure starts the wheels turning. On the day of your choice (TCA flies to London every day), a sumptuous Super Constellation is ready to bear you away. In-flight, everything that can be done to make your trip enjoyable, is done.

The superb cuisine, choice vintages, attentive service… the air of luxury about things… all tend to make you alight at the airport, and drive on through busy old London, in a distinctly happy frame of mind. Try it soon; you’ll see what we mean.

Every day to Europe by Super Constellation
Super Luxury First Class and Tourist on every flight

Trans-Canada Air Lines


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