Organization: Canadian Pacific, Cominco Ltd.
Product: Publication
Year: 1967

Product copy

Moments you’ll never forget

Don’t miss the Canadian Pacific-Cominco Pavilion at Expo 67 Montreal April 28 to October 27

Enjoy a dazzling, dynamic experience – on film!

Multi-screen projection-using a completely new multi-camera technique, this film, two years in the making, will stir your emotions as no film you have ever seen before. This unique, 20-minute presentation by Francis Thompson and Alexander Hammid, international and Academy award winning film producers, tells an exciting, humorous story of youth against a breath-takingly beautiful Canadian background. Every half hour, 600 visitors to the Canadian Pacific-Cominco pavilion theatre will literally become a living part of a wonderful saga of Youth exploring “Man and His World”.

Explore the world of “Man and His Senses” – The 5 + 1 Exhibit!

From the theatre you will move, through a charming plaza area of gardens and pools, into the pavilion exhibit building. Here, in 5 separate exhibit areas, one for each of your senses, you will have fun seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and smelling discovering yourself through your senses. The amusing and interesting finale in the “plus 1” area relates all 5 senses through the theme “Man and His World” to the particular worlds of the two sponsors.

The Canadian Pacific-Cominco Pavilion on lle Notre Dame is an architectural and visual delight. Covering 8,200 square feet, the twelve-sided, 600- seat theatre building is sheathed in projecting, curved horizontal fins which sparkle day and night.

The matching exhibition building covers 8,500 square feet. Both buildings blend harmoniously in a dazzling setting of lagoons, fountains and landscaped plaza.

This is one of the largest individual corporate pavilions at Expo ’67. Ideally situated next to a convenient minirail stop and a delightful rest and refreshment area, you’ll be able to see it and reach it with ease. The pavilion is also close to both the United States and U.S.S.R. pavilions. Circle the Canadian Pacific-Cominco Pavilion on your Expo map for moments you’ll never forget.


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