Organization: Trans-Canada Air Lines
Product: Ticket holder
Year: 1958

Product copy

We’re looking forward to welcoming you aboard!

Courteous and attentive, TCA’s flight attendants offer you the world-famous hospitality of “The Maple Leaf Route.”

Important information for passengers

If your reservation was obtained at other than the city at which you will board, your intention to travel must be reconfirmed with an office of the carrying airline at the boarding city not later than 6 hours* prior to scheduled flight departure.

*In Europe, Bermuda and the Caribbean reservations must be reconfirmed not later than 48 hours prior to flight departure.

If your plans change, please, in the interests of others who may want your seat, cancel your reservations – don’t be a no show.

To permit completion of pre-flight formalities, please report at the airport at least 20 minutes prior to flight departure. For flights to or from Europe, Bermuda, the Caribbean, please consult your local TCA office for information regarding reporting times.

Trans-Canada Airlines
Air Canada


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