Organization: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Product: Brochure
Year: 1970s

Product copy

CBC Calgary

On the northern bank of Calgary’s Bow River, CBC Calgary provides a radio and television stage for the people and events of southern Alberta.

Complemented by the programming and technology of Canada’s premier network, CBC Calgary informs and entertains… the western way. Programs which acknowledge Alberta’s unique heritage, culture and way of life are produced locally for Albertans by Albertans.

CBC 9, Calgary

Take one network satellite, experienced camera crews, objective reporters and CBC 9 in Calgary and southern Alberta has the Prix Anik award-winning CBC Evening News at 6 pm.

Combined with Newsfinal, following the late-evening National/ Journal, and the incisive reporting of the current affairs journalists on CBC 9’s weekly current affairs programs. CBC Calgary has become an information leader in southern Alberta. Drama, comedy, music, live entertainment, sports…all with the inimitable flavor of Calgary and Canada… are brought to the southern Alberta television screen, by CBC 9, Cable 6.

CBC 1010 Radio

CBC Calgary radio reflects the vibrancy and issues of southern Alberta. The Calgary Eyeopener wakes southern Alberta up to an information morning, with in-depth coverage of current affairs ..national and world news…music…community events. traffic reports…and sports.

Wild Rose Country at noon mixes town with country… consumer and farm market reports.. .the forum… lively discussion…good music.

Westmount Boulevard wraps the day with an update on current issues… entertainment from southern Alberta programming designed to unwind the daytime mind.

Information is CBC 1010’s forte… but music and drama add an Alberta dimension to CBC Canada on radio 1010.

CBC – Part of Alberta

There’s action in Alberta today… people working, playing, helping others. In any event. CBC can play its part.

A community display tells CBC Calgary’s story, a lively Logo character is available for any special event… program information… a tour of CBC a speaker… or just a photo of a favorite personality… all are there for the asking at CBC Calgary.

CBC Calgary
1724 Westmount Blvd. N.W.
Box 2640
(403) 283-8361


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