Organization: VIA Rail Canada
Product: Brochure
Year: 1979

Product copy

VIA dayniter

For comfortable travel night & day

For economical overnight comfort and relaxation that will make your trip so much more pleasant, VIA’s Dayniter is the way to go!

Dayniter cars provide attractive deluxe coach type accommodation at only slightly higher cost than but with many extras.

Dayniter passengers enjoy the comfort of individual adjustable reclining deep-cushioned seats with padded leg rests – and plenty of leg room. The pleasant relaxing atmosphere ensures you’ll arrive at your destination completely refreshed.

And there are many other features:

  • Fully carpeted floors
  • Decorative wall coverings
  • Acoustic soundproofing
  • Window curtains and blinds
  • Indirect lighting
  • Individual reading lamps
  • Padded luggage racks
  • Handy retractable table at each seat

Meal, snack and refreshment services are readily available. Just ask your attendant.

Dayniter accommodation is available on a number of principal VIA trains. Enquire about this service for your next trip. Dayniter travel is an experience you will thoroughly enjoy!

For reservations or information, contact your Travel Agent or a VIA Passenger Sales Office.


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