Organization: Trans-Canada Air Lines
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1953

Product copy

“What do those gold stripes mean, mister?”

“They mean I’m a TCA Captain, son… that I’ve flown over a million miles.”

Those four stripes represent an unsurpassed skill and experience in the air. They tell you that you are in good hands when you fly with TCA.

Every TCA Captain has flown over a million miles. That’s one of the reasons why TCA has won an enviable reputation among the airlines of the world for reliability and “on time” performance. Day in, and day out, the big Skyliners carry our Maple Leaf emblem throughout Canada and abroad.

Next time you travel… fly TCA!

Trans-Canada Air Lines
International – Trans-Atlantic – Transcontinental

Serving Canada from coast to coast… important U.S. cities… Bermuda and the Caribbean… Britain and Europe


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