Organization: Canadian Pacific Airlines
Product: System timetable
Year: 1967

Product copy

System Timetable, April 30 – October 28, 1967

World’s most complete
transportation system


Canadian Pacific Super DC-8 Jets cross Canada daily, linking with Empress flights non-stop or direct to four other continents. Whether first-class or economy, you’ll enjoy unsurpassed, proven Empress service. Have more time… go by air… rent-a-car there. Empress care, too, for door-to-door shipment of goods on Canadian Pacific Cargojets.


Canada’s first transcontinental railway… 17,000 miles serving the nation from sea to sea… coastal steamships and Canada’s only stainless steel Scenic Dome transcontinental train – The Canadian.


Canadian Pacific’s White Empresses from Montreal to Europe in summer. Winter cruises from New York to the West Indies; from United Kingdom to North Africa and the West Indies. Enquire about special Canadian Pacific sea/air trips.


Ten Canadian Pacific hotels and resorts serve you from sea to sea in Canada. Year-round city hotels, summer resorts in the Canadian Rockies and by both oceans make your comfort their business.


Fast transport of packages and valuable shipments, money orders, travellers’ cheques these are major services of the Canadian Pacific Express Company.


Telegraph, telex and teletype, cables, rapid money transfers are yours to command at Canadian Pacific telegraph offices throughout Canada.

For information and reservations contact your travel agent or any Canadian Pacific office.


The physical version of this product is part of the Federal identity archive.