Organization: Canada Post
Product: Books, front and back covers
Year: 1972 and 1975 editions

Designer: Bart Forbes (Olympic covers, 1975)

Product copy

Canada, Stamps and Stories

The Canadian Heritage Through the Fascinating World of Stamps – With a Catalogue of the Postage Stamps of Canada.


In this book the world’s most popular hobby takes you on a magical tour of Canada. Reproductions of over 1,000 officially issued stamps, 75 stories of the famous people and events shown on stamps, and 79 illustrations vividly portray authentic highlights of the nation’s history from Cabot and Cartier to Confederation and Canadian Olympics.

Profusely illustrated in full colour, the book also pictures stamps issued by five of the provinces before they joined Confederation. Scott Catalogue identifying numbers are used throughout.

Fun with stamps

The variety of themes and topics on stamps is endless. Select one, interesting and pleasing to you. Education and enjoyment can be yours in the magic world of stamps. Start an exciting voyage of exploration now.


The physical version of this product is part of the Federal identity archive.