Organization: Canadian Red Cross
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1944

Product copy

The need grows as victory nears

$10,000,000 needed now!

This is the year of supreme effort, the year Red Cross will be needed as never before. And as our all-out victory drive gains momentum, as casualty lists mount, as the horrors of war spread wider and sink deeper, this need will grow.

We must see them through: the fighting men on every front, the gallant Merchant Navy, the wounded and maimed in British and Canadian hospitals, Prisoners of War, the homeless war orphans of Britain and allied lands, the suffering millions of Europe.

Only the Red Cross meets this call for vital life saving food for Prisoners of War parcels, medicines, comforts, blood serum that spell survival for so many. There is no one else to do the job.

That is why we cannot fail: why we ask you to open your hearts and purses, giving to the limit of ability.

Remember, Victory will not be cheap; the real need lies ahead.


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