Organization: MBB Helicopter Canada Limited
Product: Advertisement
Year: 1986

Product copy

The BK 117 “Space Ship” Comes to Canada

It’s called The Space Ship because it has more usable volume than any other helicopter in its class.

With its spacious, obstacle-free cabin, the BK 117 can easily ferry ten passengers and their gear to an offshore rig. Or transport cargo ranging from 45-gallon drums to pipe to 4 x 8 sheets of plywood.

Corporate versions are available in a standard six-passenger configuration, or a four or five club seat arrangement featuring a refreshment centre and in-flight telephone.

The BK 117 is also an accommodating airborne ambulance. There is ample space for two litters, a doctor, an attendant, and medical equipment. Doctors have easy access to patients for emergency treatment en route, and the rear clamshell doors and sliding side doors streamline loading procedures.

Whatever the cargo, safety, manoeuvrability, power are built-in. Two powerful turbine engines provide a single-engine performance that ensures safe continuation of flight in the event of engine failure, even during the critical period of take-off at maximum weight.

The hingeless rotor system pro- duces excellent control response for operations in congested areas and in high winds. The small rotor speed and blade diameter and high rotor blade ground clearance let you get in and out of tight landing spots with ease. And the skid-in- stead-of-wheels design makes the BK 117 an ideal utility helicopter – rough terrain or helipad.

You already know that the Space Ship has more usable volume than any other helicopter in its class. But the BK 117 has a lot more to offer than space. You’ll find the same advanced technology that made the BO 105 CBS famous, and the same attention to design and quality craftsmanship. Best of all, you’ll find the versatile Space Ship competitively priced and surprisingly economical to maintain and operate.

If you’d like more information about the BK 117, call or write today. Landing a Space Ship could be the smartest move you’ll ever make.

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