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Product: Publication
Year: 1961

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Accommodation directory
Canada’s National Parks


For a truly outstanding vacation amidst some of Canada’s most scenic and fascinating natural settings, you will be delighted with the National Parks of Canada. As recreational areas, they are unequalled in the opportunities available for the full enjoyment of outdoor life.

Accommodation facilities in the National Parks range from campgrounds and trailer parks in carefully selected areas to modern resorts, hotels and motels with every convenience. The use of campgrounds and trailer parks is on a first-come-first-served basis and reservations are not accepted. For other accommodation, it is advisable to write in advance to the establishment concerned, or to the Park Superintendent for the names of agencies handling reservations.

All tourist accommodation in the National Parks is inspected and maximum daily rates are approved by the parks administration. Rates quoted are the latest available and may be subject to minor revision. Meals are included with American plan rates while the European plan rates cover overnight accommodation only. In addition to the facilities listed there is also accommodation at private residences in several of the National Parks.

The normal season for camping in Canada’s National Parks is from June to the end of September, but this varies somewhat according to the locality. Persons camping out overnight, at other than established campgrounds, must first register with the nearest park officer and obtain a permit to light a campfire. Stoves, fireplaces or grills are provided in public campgrounds and picnic sites for the use of visitors.

Issued under the authority of the Honourable Walter Dinsdale, P.C., M.P., Minister of Northern Affairs and National Resources


National Park
  • Mount Revelstoke
  • Glacier
  • Yoho
  • Kootenay
  • Banff
  • Jasper
  • Waterton Lakes
  • Elk Island
  • Prince Albert
  • Riding Mountain
  • Georgian Bay Islands
  • Point Pelee
  • St. Lawrence Islands
  • Fundy Prince Edward Island
  • Cape Breton Highlands
  • Terra Nova

Compiled in co-operation with the National Parks Branch, Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources.

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