Organization: Canadian Pacific
Product: Information sheet
Year: 1960s

Product copy

The Canadian Pacific New Look in freight car equipment

Perfectly round… that’s the way rolls of newsprint must travel.

To keep them in shape during transit is the job of Canadian Pacific’s fleet of boxcars designed specifically for newsprint service. Yet another example of specialization in freight car equipment, the cars give their delicate, high-value cargo tender care all the way.

Two tiers of newsprint rolls can be carried in these high-capacity cars, which also have nine-foot-wide door openings, allowing use of fork lift trucks for fast loading and unloading.

Easily recognized by their red shield – and on the latest cars by a striking green and white color scheme with stylized pine – tree symbol the newsprint cars have a specially – designed cushion underframe to reduce coupling impact.

It’s the only way to treat such a delicate cargo.


Capacity   5,090 cu. ft.
Load limit   152,500 lb. ( 157,000 lb. in new cars )
Length inside   50 ft. 6 in.
Width inside   9 ft. 2 in.
Height inside   11 ft.
Side door opening width   9 ft.
Side door opening height   10 ft. 4 in.
Height (rail to top of running boards)   15 ft. 6 in.
Height (rail to top of floor)   3 ft. 9 in.
Length between pulling faces of couplers   57 ft.


The physical version of this product is part of the Federal identity archive.