Organization: Canadian Pacific
Product: Information sheet
Year: 1960s

Product copy

The Canadian Pacific New Look in freight car equipment

Meet the car that thrives on pressure – in pounds per square inch.

Combining all-weather protection in transit with contamination-free unloading at destination, the pressure – unloading covered hopper car is customer – designed for such bulk commodities as cement, silica gel for the petroleum industry, and salt.

An air compressor generates pressure to agitate the cargo and force it through outlets at the bottom of the car into a pipe, and then directly into trucks, silos or other containers — all without exposure to the weather.

But that’s not all. Canadian Pacific has covered hopper cars that are vacuum and gravity unloading.

No matter what the commodity, for the shipper seeking the cost savings of bulk transport, Canadian Pacific has a covered hopper car designed for the job.


Capacity 2,900 cu. ft.
Load limit 205,000 lb.
Length (between pulling faces of couplers) 49 ft., 11 in.
Length (inside) 37 ft. , 4 in.
Width (extreme) 10 ft. , 3 in.
Width (inside) 10 ft. , 2 in.
Height (rail to top of running boards) 14 ft., 8 in. HATCH Openings (4) 20 in. diameter
hopper outlets One 4 – in. diameter pipe connecting 4 hopper outlets


The physical version of this product is part of the Federal identity archive.